"To repent is to smile, not to frown—to look up, not down. It is not just the recognition that things have gone wrong, but the realization that through Christ they can be put right. It is not the sight of our own ugliness but the vision of God’s beauty."

Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia
357 plays

"Wild brambles in the heart cannot be uprooted without the pruning shears of the heavenly Gardener, and the good fruit of truth and righteousness will not grow without the rain of tears and sorrows."

Hieromartyr John of Riga

"Tell me, what is more beautiful than a soul undergoing tribulation, which knows that by enduring it will inherit joy in all things? What is more courageous than “a humble and contrite heart” (Ps. 51:19)? Without difficulty it routs the massed troops of devils and pursues them to their end."

St. Symeon the New Theologian